Engagement Project-Burlington Coat Factory

Burlington Coat Factory originally sold coats; now they sell products varying from socks to dresses to baby furniture. Attracting a demographic with the same variety found on its shelves. This Burlington is located in Glen Oaks. In this small town, this is one of the only real clothing stores in the shopping plaza. The store is always filled with comfortable shoppers who have extensive experience searching through the racks of this two-leveled department store. It’s filled with parents and grandparents who rely on this store for the best deal for ordinary brands.


This isn’t the pinnacle of fashion but rather the pinnacle of practicality; Burlington sells all the items that make up a personalized home. Taking the place of the more expensive shopping outlets, this department store has the tone of the wanderer. The shopper who browses the racks casually, usually in search for nothing in particular. In fact the shoppers are so swept up in this empty minded wandering that many have bumped into each other, too absorbed in the good deals that populate these opportunity filled shelves. As I walked around, it was evident which departments were more frequently visited, as those were the peaceful isles; every item tucked away into its own random spot on the shelf, rarely ever to be touched. Each item, a deal; each shopper, on a budget, but willing to buy if they believe they’re getting a deal. The manager told one of the customers, “It might be expensive, it might be twenty dollars,” to which the customer replied “okay, I can do that.” This is a store where twenty dollars is able to stretch not necessarily in quality, but in quantity. Through these observations, I ended up learning the importance of Burlington’s affordability and how this appeals to a large portion of the middle class.

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