Legarsi alla cultura

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Legarsi alla cultura.
Maria Lai, il telaio, la geografia dei fili imperfetti.

Connecting to culture.
Maria Lai, the loom, the geography of imperfect threads.

The work of Antonio Marras has inspired the different renderings of Fabric of Cultures. I was intrigued by Marras’ relationship with the historical past, tradition, the south (where I too am from), identity, multi-locality, and globalization. In the 2006 exhibition and project, identity was framed as a fluid process of becoming. Marras’work embodied this concept.

There is a fil rouge that has run through the project for several years. Red was the thread present in Marras’ collection of 1991 and the books accompanying his research and his encounter with artists such as Maria Lai. The 2017 exhibition revisited his work and validated other parallel journeys in the fields of fashion, textile, the debate on innovation in sustainability and ethical practices.

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