Pedagogy Test

Fabric of Cultures

This course takes the form of an interdisciplinary exploration of the art of making, craftsmanship and technology in today’s globalized world. It calls attention to the larger systems that influence the state of fashion, craft and aesthetics constantly under development and in flux. The course focuses on specific case studies such as Made in Italy, Made in New York, etc., within a transnational context and in relation to gender, race, class and labor.


  • Spring 2019
  • Fall 2018

Contextualizing Fashion

Contextualizing Fashion is a course that has been taught within Pratt Institute’s Fashion Design B.F.A. since 2013. The class explores the mechanisms that create meaning in and through fashion and investigates how clothing is presented in myriad contexts, looking at historical sources, scholarly texts and contemporary media.

Contextualizing Fashion culminates in a final project for which students will design and construct an original object in dialogue with the concepts and theories explored throughout the semester. This process will prepare the students to propose possible futures or new ways of examining and creating fashion.

Syllabus: Contextualizing Fashion

Student Work:

  • Allie: Natural Dye
  • Ash: The Jumpsuit
  • Urey: The Wedding Dress
  • Grayson: Dickies Pants
  • David: The Hussar Jacket
  • Janine: The Kilt
  • Frances: The Kimono
  • Ilayda: Belly Dance