Digital Team:
Eugenia Paulicelli, Founder, Director and Writer
Rob Garfield: Developer, Center for Teaching and Learning, Queens College, CUNY
Iris Finkel: Project Manager and editor

Project Team:
Kat Roberts: Design
Cassandra Barnes: Photography
Callen Zimmerman: Design
Grace Coleman: Outreach
Carolyn Cei: Social Media
Chy Sprauve: Editor

Advisory Board:
Michelle Fraboni, Center for Teaching & Learning, Queens College, CUNY
Eva Fernandez, Office of the Provost, Queens College, CUNY
Matthew Gold, Digital Humanities, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Tabitha S. Bernard: Desing and Zero Waste
Tessa Maffucci: Digital Strategist
Kathryn Weinstein, Graphic Design, Art Department, Queens College, CUNY
Amanda Nocera, Art Center, Queens College, CUNY
Dicky Yangzom, Yale University
Elizabeth Wissinger, Borough of Manhattan Community College and The Graduate Center, CUNY
Ted Brown, Director Tech Incubator, Queens College, CUNY

Former Members:
Julia Lipkins: Archives Consultant
Daniel Jones: Developer
Nicole Paronzini: Translation
Scarlett Newman: Communication
Chrislande Dorcilus: Communication