Engagement Project- West Hempstead

West Hempstead is a small, quiet town located in Long Island. This town has a mix of many cultures that all live together with little to no problems. Everyone respects each other’s cultures, beliefs, and religion. The two main religions in this town is Christianity and Judaism.

The Christian families wear whatever clothing is trending now. For males this consist of jeans, sweatpants, Adidas slides, hoodies, and T-Shirts. These clothes are bought from Roosevelt Field Mall, either from American Eagle, Hollister, or Adidas. The logos for at least one of these stores can be found on everyone walking around town, whether it’s on their hat, shirt, pants, or shoes. It is walking advertisement whenever a male from my town goes out in public. It is very casual wear, nothing to attract attention directly to you like bright colors. Very neutral colors like white, black, blue, grey, and brown occasionally. For women there are jeans, leggings, hoodies, T-shirts, and shorts. Women buy their clothing for stores like Victoria’s Secret, Cotton On, Pink, H&M, Forever 21, and American Eagle mostly.

A lot of the shopping is done at Roosevelt Field Mall and this mall contains many different stores to appease everyone’s taste in fashion. There is a Hot Topic for the kids who are feeling rebellious, dark, and mysterious. Then you have American Eagle for casual clothing that you can wear to school or to just hang with friends. Every store is different and the people who go inside match the clothing inside. With Hot Topic you see many people in dark, spiked clothing, and dyed hair. While at American Eagle, you see blue jeans, grey, green, black, red shirts, and in the summertime jean shorts for girls and cargo shorts for guys.

The Jewish section of my town dresses very conservatively. On the weekends you see the men dressed in black suits with white button down shirts with hats on. The women are in dresses that are past their knees, halfway between the knees and ankles. They dress well because they are going to the Synagogue but on weekdays they also dress like this for work and school. The males were Yamakas on their heads for religious purposes.

My town you can see a distinct difference between who is apart of what culture. Depending on what religion you are apart of has a huge impact on the type of clothing you wear. A couple of examples of non religious people or more liberal religions may be observed in the pictures below.







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