Engagement Project (Queens College)

For a while I was conflicted as to what I should to this engagement project on. The answer was right in front of me, Queens College. Queens College is one of the most diverse communities that you can find. Queens College is located in Flushing. Flushing is the center for so many different ethnic groups.

Everyone has different ways of expressing themselves at Queens College, but there are many trends that are common amongst everyone. These trends are the New York part of everyone. That is obviously one thing everyone has in common. Everyone here, or almost everyone, lives in New York. That means everyone is influenced by the typical New York clothing. It is almost like a binding force amongst everyone.


One of the biggest trends right now are Bomber Jackets. This trend is inspired by the popular brand Zara. Zara has a whole line of Bomber Jackets that are very popular at this time. Bomber Jackets are everywhere I go. Queens college is one of those places. I saw a gentleman wearing it so i approached him to ask “What inspired you to wear that jacket sir?”

He then replied with “It’s the trend bro”.

I continued to ask him more questions, “Is that the only reason why you’re wearing that?”

He said, “Yeah that’s about the only reason I have.”

Some people like to go along with stuff just because it’s the trend. That is the society today. Some people will go along with a trend just for the sake of it. I have known some people who have hated what they’re wearing but they go along with it for the sake of the trend.

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