Orange Fiber Dress Ferragamo

Year: 2017

Collection: Ferragamo Capsule Collection

Designer: print designer: Mario Trimarchi, Compasso d’Oro

Materials: Orange fiber

Orange Fiber is the brainchild of two young Sicilian women from Catania, Adriana Santanocito, and Enrica Arena. Orange Fiber is a new eco-sustainable textile derived from oranges. In 2011, Adriana was completing her studies in Milan specializing in the field of innovative textile research. While she was working on her thesis she began to think of something that could connect her to Sicily, her land of origin. In particular, she reflected on the huge quantity of surplus discharge from the citrus fruit industry, 700 thousand tons a year. She wanted to find alternative ways to use the fruit in a more productive and sustainable manner. As Erica recalls, it was Adriana who first came up with the idea of producing a textile from the leftovers from the citrus fruit industry. After discussing the idea, Enrica and Adriana decided to work together on the project. They founded a start-up and creatively mixed their diverse and complementary areas of expertise, experience and knowhow: Adriana, an expert in textile and a fashion product manager; Erica, an expert in communication and marketing

Orange Fiber makes it possible to produce the first fabric in
the world with citrus fruits – and has resulted in the creation of a Capsule Collection enhanced by exclusive Designer Prints from the award winning Mario Trimarchi, Compasso d’Oro 2016. Salvatore
Ferragamo is the first brand to use the exclusive Orange Fiber fabric.

Orange fiber scarf
Orange fiber scarf