Arte e Ricamo embroidery

A leader in the embroidery industry.
Founded in 1973 in the Italian city of Forlì in
the region of Emilia-Romagna, Arte e Ricamo
is family owned and entirely women-run, born
of the long-standing Forlivian tradition of

Four generations of family members have shaped
the company, beginning with its inspirateur,
Velia Sansovini (1910-1963), who handed down her
embroidery and sartorial skills to her daughter,
Dina Sbaragli. By the age of 14, Dina had already
begun to perfect the fine art of handmade and
machine-made embroidery.
Before long, Dina, a courageous and resourceful
young woman, was producing embroidery for
fashion’s most renowned ateliers. Gradually, Dina’s
business grew from its home-based beginnings to
become a company that would fulfill her entrepreneurial

The passage of skills from mother to daughter
continues at Arte e Ricamo. Today, Patrizia Gelosi,
Dina’s daughter, leads the company. In the family
tradition, Patrizia has shared her knowledge and
expertise with her daughter, Anna, as well as with
the 16 incredibly talented women who make up Arte
e Ricamo’s team of specialists.
Throughout its 40-plus years, Arte e Ricamo has
captured the magic of hand embroidery in its
work. Thanks to the use of high-tech computerized
machinery, the company is able to embroider nearly
any type of product.