Collection: Honeymoon 1

Designer: Silvia Giovanardi

Materials: vegetable-tanned calfskin, organic cotton 25%, organic linen 75%, garden berry dyed. Liing: organic cotton 48%, organic silk 52%, ink-jet printed. Crafsmanship: embroidery, painting

Sustainability is at the center of Silvia Giovanardi’s work as a fashion designer, painter, and photographer. Her philosophy promotes the return to the conceptual and original meaning of fashion as a lifestyle, a modus vivendi that re-discovers, through art, the beauty of nature.

Her mission is reflected in her first collection HONEYMOON 1 inspired by Japan, a marvelous and magical nation seen through the eyes of a woman in love, during her honeymoon.  Sylvia used only organic-certified and ecological materials (hemp, linen, silk, corn, milk, soy, etc.) and natural and therapeutic dyes (turmeric, gardenia berry, safflower, poppy, etc.) She personally hand-painted garments one by one.

Silvia Giovanardi’s Manifesto

MY AIM: I want to raise awareness about
the importance of choosing healthy clothes
and explain, through multi-sensory experience
(visual, tactile, olfactory, emotional),
how a fabric can interact with our body to
the point of taking care of it.

By getting back in touch with nature and
embracing a more natural rhythm, we take
care of ourselves and respect the environment,
local crafts and everyone in the
supply chain.

MY TOOLS: Certified organic fibers (linen,
silk, cotton) and ecological fibers (hemp,
soy, corn, milk) Natural dyes (dyeing plants
like gardenia berry, campeche wood, turmeric…);
Vegetable tanned leather (from
food processing waste)

BURY MY CLOTHES: All the fibers I use are
100% natural, so everything can potentially
be buried, create new humus, and therefore
new life. All year long: there is no fall-winter
and spring-summer anymore, fast fashion
now comprises 52 micro-seasons per year:
every week a new collection. My creations
are non-seasonal and durable.

SIMPLY TIMELESS. Multifunctional pieces:
belts also work as scarves, necklaces as
jewels; some pieces can be worn by men
and women as well.

MY VALUES: Profound ethics; real
sustainability; innovation; high level of
craftsmanship truly made in Italy.
Respect for humans, Earth and time.
Personal Coherence: emotional investment.
Social engagement and peace; pursuit
of BEAUTY, the source of everything;
HAPPINESS is the aim. Happiness creates
more beauty in an endless circle of wellness.

My duty is to help ignite this wonderful circle.