From Shirt to Skirt

      Saad, Shamsiya, and Isabel’s T-shirt Workshop

       Turning a t-shirt into something other than an ordinary t-shirt proved more difficult than we had anticipated. However, we collaborated, and found the process rather enjoyable as we were able to think creatively with fabric. For this workshop, we used one of Saad’s t-shirts. We initially thought of turning the t-shirt into a dress, but our t-shirt wasn’t big enough. With a little bit of experimenting, we stretched out the neck of the t-shirt, and slipped it over our model’s (Isabel) hips to make a skirt. We twisted the little sleeves and tucked them into different parts of the skirt to create an asymmetrical shape. Taking newspapers and magazines, we began to cut out pictures. At first, we thought we should cover the skirt with pictures and words. There were plenty of pictures of food, so we thought that would be our theme. Instead, we decided to keep it simple. We left the majority of the skirt plain. A few clippings of the comics  from our newspapers was added to one side of the skirt. This would give it the quirky design we wanted, without being too over the top. We also made a belt out of red construction paper, but decided only to put it in the front of the skirt to keep it as simple as possible. The simplicity of the white fabric of the skirt contrasted with the little red belt, and the few pictures. We had collectively made a complete masterpiece.

img_3721   img_3722


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