T-Shirt Workshop

Our Professor, Eugenia Paulicelli, told us we would be having a lab, in which we would be taking a regular old T-Shirt and transforming this garment into something else. My group decided to take a red T-Shirt and transform this shirt and a pair of wearable shorts. We stretched out the neck as much as possible without tearing or ruining the shirt and had one of our members wear the shorts and from there we experimented. Our first idea was to put the sleeves inside the pants to not have them dangling outside and we realized that the sleeves tucked inside themselves could make great pockets. Next we had to get rid of the dress/loose look that came from the shirt waist just dangling with no support in between the legs. We grabbed the middle part of the shirt to distinguish a right and left leg hole and hot glue gunned to securely hold the middle. We took scissors and added some holes and slashes to give it a more street look. For the chest and head, we added a black bandana and a white T-Shirt cut down on sleeve to make a poncho. We created a new form of street style/gang style.  

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