A T-Shirt is a T-Shirt is a T-Shirt?

How to transform a T-shirt into something else? I must consider other uses, change its construction, analyze the materiality and the process of transformation, and write about it. This is a tall order for someone who appreciates the simplicity of the T-shirt for its very sake.


My narrow but widely held view of what a T-shirt is must be busted. On top of observing its finite qualities, I think it is the ultimate object of conformity, regardless of any novel adornment or who is wearing it. A T-shirt that is fringed or pulled off the shoulder a la Flashdance is no longer a T-shirt, is it?

But that’s the idea. Take that T-shirt acquired long ago as a souvenir in Brazil and make it something else. Hmm… I’ve got some leftover yarn from knitting projects past, and I do fancy the hand embroidered Women’s Robe from China on the T-Shape page of this website. To be continued, here.


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