T-Shirt Transformation

       My group used a grey t-shirt, a white t-shirt and magazine pages to transform these old objects into something new that can act in unison. We were inspired by the Japanese kimono. img_8901We decided to add our own original touch to it by not creating a slit directly down the kimono. In order to wear the shirt, the person must slip it over their head rather than them wearing it like a jacket. The grey shirt under the drape was cut from a t-shirt into a halter top. I decided to add the fringe and braiding to draw attention to certain parts of the shirt that I felt needed something more. The circular piece of folded magazine paper really captured a focal point of the shirt. This activity helped me realise that old clothing can be transformed int something new and fashionable. Before this workshop, I thought I was not creative and that my renewed shirt would end up looking horrendous. I was able to come up with the idea of adding braiding and my group members loved it. I didn’t know I was capable of being creative and imaginative but this piece of clothing taught me otherwise. We didn’t exactly have a specific inspiration for this piece. We brainstormed and all decided whether we liked an idea or not and if it was feasible. We were all very proud of our end result and we had a lot of fun during the process of creating it!

-Julia Francione

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