Refashioning Old T-Shirts

Fashion is more than just clothing. It simple defines who we are as a whole. When we were told to bring in an old t-shirt or a garment in which we could cut, I for one thought, what in the world could I possibly do with this? I didn’t think it was feasible to take an old t-shirt and create something else out of it. But that morning, when we all sat down and got ready to work, I was instantly proved wrong.
We used two t-shirts; a plain white one and a grey with designs on it. After one idea was thrown out there, many ideas followed. Everything came to us and started to flow easily. Together, we worked on the grey shirt and cut the sleeves to turn it into a muscle tee. Then we decided to fringe the bottom of the shirt to give it a new look. The white shirt was initially going to be used as a kimono of some sort, until we realized that it looked better once it was cut shorter and also fringed on the side. Then, we pulled the middle of the shirt up, in the front and back, and placed the design made from the pages of a magazine.


I don’t think we really had an inspiration for this. It was all about trial and error, and finding out what seemed to work best. In the end, we were pretty pleased at what we had accomplished.

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