Engagement Project – E. 161st Street, Yankee Stadium Neighborhood

The E. 161st street, Yankee Stadium Neighborhood is home to a wide variety of fashions. From lawyers working at the Bronx Supreme Court to students walking to and from school, 161st has been home to many local, national, and international fashions. New York, more specifically, the Bronx, is famous for many things, one of which is Yankee Stadium and the Bronx Bombers. However, one of the factors that is often overlooked is the people live and work in that neighborhood.

As a local attraction, Yankee Stadium brings a lot of business to the Bronx. Whether it be baseball games played against the Yankees or soccer games played against NYCFC, E. 161st street provides everything its visitors need. Filled with many restaurants, delis, and coffee shops, E. 161st street is a nightmare for anyone who is on a diet.

On a more local level, the fashions of the people who live and work at 161st street are wide in variety. From students to lawyers, and from athletes to pizza shop workers, each one of those people has his or her own sense of fashions. However, those who stand out are students. With various schools within that neighborhood, students can be seen wearing their uniforms to and from school, sometimes late into the afternoon if they participate in extracurricular activities. One of the most prominent high schools of the area is Cardinal Hayes High School. Its students wear beige khakis or gray dress pants, blue, yellow, or white long sleeve shirts, blue blazers or burgundy senior sweaters, a variety of ties, and, if they are seniors, Cardinal & Gold bucket hats. In order to match with the New York Yankee brand, local fast food restaurant owners require their workers to wear blue pieces of clothing on the job (shirts, pants, sweaters, etc.) Those who work in the nearby offices can be seen wearing suits, carrying briefcases, and, more often than not, rushing through the streets trying to get to their destination.

Two local mall plazas provide the local people with places to buy clothes, get a quick bite, and even catch a movies. People can often be seen entering these plazas wearing anything from sweatpants and sneakers to dress shoes and dress shirts. Small children run around in the plaza wearing mostly casual but matching outfits that their parents have put together. For example, small boys often wear matching shirts and jackets, while small girls often wear a dress with a matching hat. Teenagers mostly wear flashy sneakers and flashy jackets or shirts, depending on the weather.

Because of its great diversity in people and in businesses, E. 161st Street – Yankee Stadium is home to an immense variety of fashions.


Sports Bar

Concourse Plaza


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