Engagement Project

In Huntington, Long Island, there is a mall called the Walt Whitman Mall. This mall is about a 30 minute drive from QC. It is also about 30 minutes away from my house in Selden. zara-walt-whitman-1At this mall, there is one store in particular that I love. That store is Zara. Even when I still lived in Canada I loved Zara. Zara sells a variety of things for men, women, and children. From clothes to shoes, even bow ties, Zara’s got it. They have a variety of pieces, from streetwear to suits. You could easily make several outfits just from shopping at Zara. While I like a lot of things that Zara sells, one area that I believe they excel in are jackets, specifically bomber jackets(see image below). The reason I believe this is because Zara has a wide selection of bomber jackets, coming in all colours and fabrics. Bomber Jackets were once used for military pilots, but as of late they have become a staple in urban fashion.

Bomber Jacket

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