Jersey to Headbands

I have been a fan of soccer for my entire life. I have witnessed tremendous players such as Pirlo and Cristiano Ronaldo. I have enjoyed victories and mourned defeats. Through it all, I have remained faithful to my teams and players. In addition to the level and quality of soccer I have enjoyed from countless players, one thing always stands out: the players’ fashion inclinations on the field.

From low cuts to dreadlocks, every player has different ways of styling his hair. Some use gel, and some use nothing. One thing I always enjoyed seeing was players using headbands to keep their hair back. Different players may like thick headbands, while others may prefer thinner headbands.

My decision to turn an old jersey into multiple headbands was inspired by players like Memo Ochoa, David Beckham, and even Gareth bale. I created a variety of headbands: thick, medium, and thin. The thin headbands are more suitable for long and straight hair, while the thicker headbands are more suitable for short, puffy hair.

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