From Simple To Chaos

Fashion is ubiquitous in every form and in every way imaginable. People  need clothes or else we would be naked literally, as well as without our public identity as well. Fashion isn’t about an attitude or a look, it’s the way in which we can present ourselves at large. The day started off interesting when we had a fire drill, and I was a bit skeptical if we were going to do our workshop. However, once everyone started to work on their t-shirts, that feeling disappeared.

My t-shirt was a light green v neck that was too baggy and exposed to wear anymore. So I decided to make it unique, by adding dress pins to the v neck. I also added pleated newspapers and fabric belts to make it look punk. I enjoyed adding on things that one might consider “trash” and use it to liven up an old t-shirt.20160929_200923_fotor

In the center right of the t-shirt, I found an image that captured my thoughts on fashion as a whole. It’s an image of construction workers wearing their protective gear placed on the shirt I created as a form of expression. Fashion can either be for self-expression/individuality or to conform to society/workplace. Overall, the project gave me a new perspective on using everyday items/objects to create something new.



As Freddie Mercury of Queen once said, it’s ok to have fun with your clothes. So next time, you see a dirty or an old t-shirt don’t throw it out! Instead go crazy or have fun with the t shirt, after all fashion should express who you’re as a person.

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