A T-shirt transformed

The T-shirt, a short-sleeved round-neck white one with a graphic on the front is the one that I chose to use for this project. I bought it in a small village my husband and I visited while on our honeymoon in Brazil decades ago. I thought I would keep it intact for my forever so I surprised myself by choosing this T-shirt to transform.

My inspiration came from the short Chinese robe. This meant that I would transform my memento definitively. Beyond the practical and sociological aspects of my study, I had to go through the process of shattering something with intense sentimental value.

A serendipitous outcome is that my memento of a single event served as a canvas for a tapestry of many memories. Using extra yarn left over from projects over the years, even some that were from my sister’s projects of more than forty years ago, I knit memories to one another. Distinguishing elements of the canvas, the label, now split in two, and the graphic with the name of the local village, remain.

white T-shirt back cut to make front
Phase 1: Cut the back of the T-shirt, now the front

Phase 2: Dye the T-shirt indigo color

Phase 3: Dyed!

Phase 4: Knit inserts and trim

Front finished

Back finished

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