Clara Ferrara


Prof. Paulicelli


Ethnography is the study of society and cultures. The studies are conducted in research sites. Through ethnographic research, one can collect information of the fashion world. The ethnographic practice allows a person to talk and be among communities of fashion workers, which enables an industry run of relationships and connections. In ethnography, one talks to people of all sorts. An ethnography observes the behavior of a person. It is field based, conducted in the settings in which people live, rather than in laboratories. It is conducted by researchers who are in face to face contact with the people they are studying and who are both participants and observers of the lives under study. This approach allows people outside of a culture to learn about its members habits, costumes, traditions and values. An example of ethnography can be the area of Flushing, Queens, which is inhabited by the Jewish community. The Jew Orthodox women dress with long skirts, those who are married wear a wig and men have the ringlets. Children go to private Jewish schools. There the Jewish community lives their lives following their culture and traditions.

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