NY Engagement Project: Bushwick, Brooklyn

1I have been living in Bushwick, Brooklyn for about 3 years now. When I first moved here, I was nervous. It was quite a distance from FIT and there wasn’t much going on at the time. The realtor told me not to worry and to just wait. Things were about to happen to this neighborhood. I did and I am so, so, so happy I did. I absolutely love living here. So many small businesses have opened up. From beautiful and yummy restaurants t
o amazing vintage stores you can find everything in Bushwick, now!2

I decided to do my engagement project on Bushwick because I am always inspired by the way people dress here. The    have an edgy style but with a laid by effortless look. You can always see people that live here at different local vintage stores curating their style.

Also, the décor in many bars and restaurants is amazing. I am always inspired when I enter a few places because of maybe the wallpaper or the p3aintings. You can tell people have put a lot
of thought into it.

I recently ran into someone on the street that I knew through a friend. This happens a lot in Bushwick! I know many people I went to high school that have moved here over the years.

She was the perfect type of person I was looking for to explain how I see Bushwick. She has lived here for over 3 years and has watched the neighborhood expand. She usually stays in Bushwick on the weekends and just hangs with friends at local bars. She loves rummaging through many of the local vintage stores to create her style. She definitely has the effortless style that I see in many people that live here.

4How does your style give you confidence?

Style gives me confidence because it makes me feel like I am in charge of the entire day when I am styles right. If I look good and feel like my outfit speaks to my personal style, I feel like I can conquer anything the day throws at me.

What is your biggest style influence? 

My biggest style influence is definitely Stevie Nicks. She had such an easy, carefree style while still being cool that I like to replicate.

What would you say is a quintessential “Madeline” outfit?

HAT! any kind of wide brimmed hat or beanie, easy tee, leather jacket, funky black booties. And lots of gold or silver jewelry.

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