Engagement Project

The ABC Super Store is in Jackson Heights, Queens. The store was placed here after Young World the store was moved further up the block. This store is located in Junction Blvd. It is located on 95th Street. The only train that runs nearby Junction Blvd. is the 7 train and the two main buses are the Q72 and the Q66. This area is populated mostly by Hispanics however most stores are ran by Asians but some are ran by Hispanics and all stores have Hispanic people working at the stores. A lot of the restaurants are Hispanic.

This store is mainly a clothing store however the store sells everything that someone can need for their home. The store mainly has all types of clothes. The store has long sleeve shirts and short sleeve shirts. The shirts are all types and are of all colors.





The store also contains pants of kind which includes jeans, sweats, short pants, dress pants. The store has pjs., socks for both women and men, underwear for both men and women, sweaters and hoodies for both genders. Besides clothing the store offers chargers for phones of all types, fans, heaters, dishes, cups plastic and glass, forks, spoons, knives, toys, curtains and more. The area of the store is just right for this store because after people are done shop they have many choices where they can go eat. Some examples of the choices that they have are Dunkin Donuts which is located right next to the store on the left side, a pizzeria called Dream Pizza, McDonalds, Kennedy Chicken, DQ,  Jardin De China, Subway and Boca Chica which is a Dominican restaurant.






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