Blog Post #1

September 26th, 2017

Blog Post #1: Recap of the first Day, Meet our Team!

Sarah L, Aviva G, Sarah S, Sehara G

For our team project, we created a skirt of memories. All the members of our team contributed a T-shirt that served as a sentimental representation of our transition to college students: mainly, how we will move into this new chapter of our lives while still holding onto the previous ones. Sarah Ls’ T-shirt was one which she made herself in camp when she was ten years old. Being in college now, she looks back fondly at her youth in summer camp. She is determined to take the happiness and enthusiasm she displayed as a young girl in summer camp and bring that to the professional setting she is now in. Aviva donated a shirt that was given to her by her older sister who has since moved away. Once her sister moved away, Aviva saw her less frequently, and both she and her sister had to put in effort to make those reunions happen. Even though Aviva being busy with college life adds to this difficulty, she is determined to not leave her relationship with her sister behind. The T-shirt Sarah S. contributed is once which while volunteering at  traveling camp. While homework now takes up a significant amount of Sarah’s time, she will not let this stop her from volunteering regularly as she did before the transition to college life. Sehara’s T-shirt was given to her by a friend from before college. While a big part of college life is the social aspect and making new friends, Sehara is committed to staying in touch with friends from her childhood and younger years, and nurture those relationships while fostering new ones. Together, we used T-Shirts to create a project that represents what we are determined not to leave behind while making the exciting transitions to college life. In addition, we chose a skirt specifically, because of a religious dress code we all share that entails us wearing skirts. We are proud of our culture and happy to express that.

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