Vest and Pleated Skirt

Origin: Greece

Year: 2005

Donor: Courtesy of Lakis Gavalas

Materials: cotton jersey

This ensemble was inspired by the Sarakatsani costume with pleats, shoes, and leg warmers integral to the modern, like the traditional.

The “Sarakatsani” dress embodies elements of the rich Greek tradition. A traditional costume, it is worn by members of the Sarakatsani society of Macedonia in Northern Greece. These people were nomadic herders who lived outside villages until the beginning of the 20th century.

This kind of costume would not have been worn on a daily basis, but only on special occasions. The motifs of the blouse cuffs and skirt hem resemble the decoration found on Greek vases of the Geometric period (700-500 BC) and may attest to the antiquity of this culture, just as the pleated skirt and vest may reflect the early use of pleating in ancient dress. The elaborate jewelry would have accompanied its owner to the grave.