Alabama Chanin DIY Eagle T-Shirt

I attempted this reverse appliqué stencil shirt using the DIY kit from Alabama Chanin. There are many options for stencils. You may choose to use ready made stencils which are available at local art supply and craft stores. Alternatively, there are some companies that will make any stencil to order. Or, you may choose to have the ultimate freedom and cut your own stencil.

To make our Eagle, you may purchase the Animal Silhouettes stencil design book from Dover Publications. You may increase or decrease the size of your stencil to suit your chosen T-shirt. (Our Eagle stencil is roughly 12.8in x 14.8in.) Most photocopy machines and centers offer this option. Choose a piece of poster board or felt that will a border of at least 4” around your Eagle graphic. Attach the photocopy to either the poster board or felt using a light dusting of spray mount, making sure to center the design inside the 4” border. This will help you keep from getting the textile spray paint on other areas of your T-shirt. Using an X-acto knife and a cutting mat, carefully cut away all of the black area which will leave a negative imprint of your Eagle. Be sure to cut exactly on the line that you remove the entire Eagle pattern from your stencil.

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