Year: 2017

Designer: pattern by Christina Trupiano, Made in NYC by Zoila Cruz. Based on an original 1908 design by Rosa Genoni.

Materials: off-white charmeuse and Georgette Silk

Dress In Motion – The Tanagra Dress Reframed. Video by Massimo Mascolo and Claudio Napoli from Claudio Napoli on Vimeo.

A Recreation of the Tanagra Dress

Last semester in February 2017, Professor
Paulicelli, knowing my background, reached out to
me to assist her on a project she had in mind for
The Fabric of Cultures Exhibition. She showed me
an image of a woman wearing Rosa Genoni’s “The
Tanagra Dress”. Professor Paulicelli has thoroughly
studied the works of the fashion designer and activist,
Rosa Genoni. 1 She shared with me how many
of her garments still exist today but there are no
known samples of the Tanagra Dress. This dress was
particularly special, because of its dynamic design
and unique fabrication for its era. It did not fit in
with the fashion of its time, yet it is a timeless piece
from which many of its elements can be seen in
fashion today. I accepted the challenge of recreating
this dress. Little did I know the work that would
lay before me.

– Christina Trupiano